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R and C Shampoo and Conditioner Revolution Puppy/Kitten (Pink) - Puppies and Kittens under 5 lbs
R and C Spray Revolution Topical (Blue) - Cats 5 - 17 lbs
Raloxifene Revolution Topical (Brown) - Dogs 10.1 - 20 lbs Liquid
Ramipril Revolution Topical (Plum) (3 x 1ml-120mg and 3 x 2ml-240mg)
Ramipril HCTZ Revolution Topical (Red) - Dogs 20.1 - 40 lbs
Ranexa Revolution Topical Purple
Ranitidine Reyataz
Ranitidine Efferdose Rheumocam Oral Suspension
Ranitidine Syrup Rhinaris
Rapaflo Rhinocort Aqueous
Rapamune Rhinocort Aqueous Nasal Spray
Ratio-Topilene Rhinocort Nasal Turbuhaler
Razadyne Rifadin
Razadyne ER Rifamate
Rebetol Rifater
Rebetol Solution Riluzole
Recovery Equine RIMADYL Chewables
Refresh Tears Rimso Solution
Reglan Riomet
Regu-Mate Risedronate
Relenza Diskhaler Risperdal
Relpax Risperdal Consta
Remeron RD Risperdal Consta Injection
Renova Risperdal Liquid
Renvela Powder Risperdal M
Repaglinide Risperidone
Replens Risperidone Liquid
Requip Rivastigmine
Rescriptor Rizatriptan
Resolor Rizatriptan MLT
Restylane Robax Platinum
Restylane Perlane Robaxacet
Resveratrol Red Wine Extract Robaxacet Extra Strength
Retin A Gel Robaxin
Retin A Micro Gel Robaxisal Extra Strength
Retin-A Micro Robitussin
Retin-A Micro Pump Robitussin DM
Retisol A 0.01% Robitussin DM Extra Strength
Retisol A 0.025% Robitussin Extra Strength
Retisol A 0.05% Rocephin Injection
Retisol A Forte 0.1% Ropinirole
Retrovir Ropinirole ER
Retrovir Syrup Rosuvastatin
Revatio Vial Rozerem
Revia Rubenal 300
Revolution Dog Teal - Dogs 40.1 - 85 lbs (20.1 - 40KG) Rythmol
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