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R and C Shampoo and Conditioner Revatio Vial
R and C Spray Revia
Rabeprazole Revolizer
Raloxifene Revolution Puppy/Kitten (Pink) - Puppies and Kittens under 5 lbs
Ramipril Revolution Topical (Blue) - Cats 5 - 17 lbs
Ramipril HCTZ Revolution Topical (Brown) - Dogs 10.1 - 20 lbs Liquid
Ramipril/Hydrochlorothiazide Revolution Topical (Plum) (3 x 1ml-120mg and 3 x 2ml-240mg)
Ranexa Revolution Topical (Red) - Dogs 20.1 - 40 lbs
Ranitidine Revolution Topical Purple
Ranitidine Efferdose Reyataz
Ranitidine Syrup Rheumocam Oral Suspension
Ranolazine ER Rhinaris
Rapaflo Rhinocort Aqueous
Rapamune Rhinocort Aqueous Nasal Spray
Rasagiline Rhinocort Nasal Turbuhaler
Ratio-Topilene Rifabutin
Razadyne Rifadin
Razadyne ER Rifamate
Rebetol Rifampin
Rebetol Solution Rifater
Reboxetine Rifaximin
Recovery Equine Rilutek
Refresh Tears Riluzole
Reglan RIMADYL Chewables
Regu-Mate Rimso Solution
Relenza Diskhaler Riomet
Relpax Risedronate
Remeron Risperdal
Remeron Oral Solution Risperdal Consta
Remeron RD Risperdal Consta Injection
Renagel Risperdal Liquid
Renova Risperdal M
Renvela Risperidone
Renvela Powder Risperidone Liquid
Repaglinide Risperidone M
Repaglinide/Metformin Ritonavir
Replens Rivastigmine
Requip Rizatriptan
Requip XL Rizatriptan MLT
Rescriptor Robax Platinum
Resolor Robaxacet
Restasis Eye Drops Robaxacet Extra Strength
Restylane Robaxin
Restylane Perlane Robaxisal Extra Strength
Resveratrol Red Wine Extract Robitussin
Retavase Vial Kit Robitussin DM
Retin A Cream Robitussin DM Extra Strength
Retin A Gel Robitussin Extra Strength
Retin A Micro Gel Rocaltrol
Retin A Micro Gel Pump Rocaltrol Injection
Retin-A Rocephin Injection
Retin-A Micro Rogaine Foam Solution
Retin-A Micro Pump Rogaine Liquid
Retisol A 0.01% Romazicon Ampules
Retisol A 0.025% Ropinirole
Retisol A 0.05% Ropinirole ER
Retisol A Forte 0.1% Rosuvastatin
Retrovir Rozerem
Retrovir Syrup Rubenal 300
Revatio Rythmol
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