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Taking Antidepressants Linked to Increased Risk of Head Injuries in Alzheimers Pateints

By jeremyc | August 13, 2017

Alzheimer’s patients who take antidepressants have a greater risk of head injuries, as well as painful brain injuries, according to a new study.

Earlier, a study had revealed that the risk of having falls and fracture of the hip is greater in Alzheimer’s patients who used antidepressants. However, the link between antidepressant use and head injuries wasn’t studied in this study or any other previous study.

The risk of having a head injury was greatest during the start of antidepressant use, during the first month. However, the risk was present even later, up till 2 years.

In general, older people are more prone to suffer head injuries than younger people and most head injuries occur because of falling. With previous study stating that Alzheimer’s patients taking antidepressants are more likely to suffer falls, it is hardly surprising that the new study has found a link between antidepressant use and greater risk of head injuries.

However, the latest findings are important because antidepressants, usually regarded as safer than benzodiazepines and other alternatives, are frequently prescribed to Alzheimer’s patients.

The researchers pointed out that while the present study was done on Alzheimer’s patients, they suspect the risk of fall to be similar in older patients who don’t have Alzheimer’s but use antidepressants. The team plans to study this association in near future.


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