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Red Cabbage Microgreens Linked With Lower Heart Disease Risk

By jeremyc | December 31, 2016

According to a study, red cabbage microgreens are healthier than mature red cabbage—and what’s true for red cabbage microgreens might be equally true for other microgreens as well. That is, they might be more nutritious than their mature counterparts.

Earlier research had hinted that Red cabbage might be effective at lowering LDL cholesterol levels. Excess level of this cholesterol is linked with higher risk of heart disease.

For the latest study, the researchers set out to see if red microgreens are more beneficial for heart health than red cabbage. To test the theory, the team divided 60 obese mice into six groups on basis of their diet for a period of 8 weeks. The obesity in these mice was diet induced.

The researchers noticed when mice were fed red cabbage microgreens, they experienced weight loss and the level of LDL lowered. The same was true for mice that were fed mature red cabbage.

However, the levels of two LDL-lowering compounds, glucosinolates and polyphenols, were higher in red cabbage microgreens. That’s why mice that were fed red cabbage microgreens recorded a greater drop in their LDL levels.

Red cabbage microgreens also lowered triglycerides levels. Higher levels of triglycerides are linked with greater risk of heart disease.

On basis of these findings, the researchers drew the conclusion that red cabbage microgreens might improve heart health better than mature red cabbage.

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