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Artificial sweeteners might increase the risk of long-term weight gain and heart disease

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Millions of people worldwide use artificial sweeteners thinking this will help them limit their total calorie intake and, by extension, prevent weight gain or, even better, lose weight. However, that’s not the case, states a recent study. The researchers noted that artificial sweeteners might be linked with weight gain, as well as greater risk of […]

Make Breakfast Your Biggest Meal and Avoid Snacks to Prevent Weight Gain

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

A healthy breakfast in the morning and avoiding snacks in the day are the secret to avoiding weight gain, according to a recent study. In the U.S., as in many other countries, unhealthy weight gain is ranked as number one public health concern. The gravity of the situation in the U.S. can be understood when […]

Use of Antibiotics during Late Pregnancy Linked to Increased IBD Risk in Offspring

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

A mice study underlines concern over unjustifiable antibiotic use by an expectant mother during pregnancy and the initial nursing period. In a new study, the researchers have found that when mice with genetic predisposition toward developing IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) took antibiotics during the last stages of pregnancy and initial development period, their offspring carried […]

Coffee Drinking Linked to Lower Mortality Risk from Many Diseases

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Like drinking coffee? Well, there’s some good news for you and other coffee lovers. A new study suggests drinking coffee daily reduces risk of death from many diseases. What’s more, both caffeinated and de-caffeinated coffee gives this benefit. Coffee is consumed by more than 50 percent of American adults on a regular basis, with the […]

High Dose Vitamin D Might Reduce Sunburn Symptoms

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Most of us love out being in the sun. But too much sun exposure can cause sunburn, common symptoms of which are soreness, blistering, redness, among others. However, a new study suggests that taking vitamin D in high doses can reduce inflammation and swelling caused by sunburn. According to experts, a 15 mins exposure to […]

Arthritis Drug has Minimal to Zero Placental Transfer

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

There’s some good news for pregnant women who have inflammatory disease. Latest research has found that certolizumab pegol doesn’t cross placenta. Majority of anti-TNF agents are known to have substantial placental transfer. That’s why their use is usually prohibited during pregnancy. However, in the latest study, the researchers noticed that certolizumab pegol showed zero to […]

Breast Implants Impedes ECG readings

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Heart attack and some other conditions are diagnosed through electrocardiogram (ECG) recordings. However, a new study suggests that this test might not be the most effective one in case of women who have had breast implants. In the study, the researchers found that in case of these patients the test can throw up false abnormalities. […]

Brain Inflammation Causes OCD, New Research Says

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Obsessive compulsive disorder (or OCD for short) is often not easy to treat. One major reason for this is that we don’t know much about its causes. However, according to recent research, brain inflammation might cause OCD. OCD patients experiences uncontrollable obsessions, as well as compulsions. They might experience intrusive thoughts which triggers anxiety or […]

Experts Believe Yoga Reprograms DNA

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

New research shows that the therapeutic benefits of mind-body interventions, like yoga, tai chi, and meditation, extend till the molecular level. Many have questioned the positive effects of meditation and yoga, stating there’s lack of research to back the claim of these mind-body interventions having therapeutic benefits. Latest research puts rest to any lingering doubts you might […]

French Fries Consumption Increases Risk of Early Death

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Eating 2-3 servings of fried potatoes a week can increase your risk of premature death by two times, according to a new study. The researchers came to this conclusion after evaluating data of over 4,400 adults. Potatoes, particularly processed potatoes, have become a sort of staple diet in the U.S. Data shows that while in […]

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