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Deficiency in Vitamin D Linked to Greater Risk of Chronic Headache

By jeremyc | January 3, 2017

People with vitamin D deficiency might carry a greater risk of developing chronic headache. This was the result of research carried by Finnish researchers.

For this study, the researchers enrolled about 2,600 men in the age group of 42-60 years. Incidence of headache and levels of vitamin D were analysed. The researchers found that in case of 68 percent of men the serum vitamin D level was around the threshold of deficiency. Two-hundred-and-fifty men reported experiencing chronic headache every week. Men who reported having chronic headache showed lower levels of vitamin D than other participants.

The researchers divided the studied group into 4 different groups on basis of their vitamin D levels. The researchers found that men belonging who had lowest levels of vitamin D carried two times greater risk of chronic headache than men with highest levels.

The incidence rate of chronic headache was lower in summer months (June-September). During this time, the average vitamin D levels were higher because of UVB radiation.

Previous studies before this one had also linked vitamin D deficiency with greater chronic headache risk. However, these studies were smaller in size than the latest one. Foods rich in vitamin D include, among others, cod liver oil, mushrooms, fortified cereals, dairy products, pork, eggs, tofu, and soymilk.

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