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Mediterranean Diet May Not Work For Some As Well As Others

By jeremyc | August 17, 2017

Mediterranean diet has been hailed as the diet for reducing heart disease risk. The diet emphasizes on fish, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, nuts, dairy products, and cereals.

However, a new study states that not every Mediterranean diet is beneficial. Some offer much more health benefits than others.

This study involved over 18,000 participants, from different walks of life. All the participants were asked to follow an optimal Mediterranean diet.

The researchers noted that eating Mediterranean diet led to reduction of heart health risk factors only in case of people with higher incomes and/or better education levels. In other words, even when all participants ate similar foods, not everyone got the benefits. ‘

While the researchers couldn’t give a definite answer to this surprising finding, they believe that the disparity across the socioeconomic groups might be because of the quality of food.

Expanding on this, the chief researcher said that is not likely that the ingredients in €2 extra virgin oil bottle would be the same as in €10 extra virgin oil, which is likely to be out of the reach of people with low income.

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