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Research Sheds Light on How MS Patients Can Benefit From Exercise

By jeremyc | August 18, 2017

Can exercise help multiple sclerosis (MS) patients? Yes, several past studies have shown that different types of exercises might be beneficial for MS patients.

But why this is so?

A recently-published study sheds light on this.

There has been a huge change in the way medical fraternity now looks at exercise vis-à-vis MS. While earlier exercise was almost proclaimed as a taboo for someone living with MS, now more and more doctors recommend it in conjunction with drug therapy.

In the recently-published study, the researchers focused on how resistance training helps MS patients. The researchers concluded that doing resistance training might help slow the progression rate of MS by improving brain volume.

People diagnosed with MS experience faster brain shrinkage than normal. Drug therapy helps slow the progression rate. However, when MS patients on drug therapy did resistance training, there was reduction in brain shrinkage. Moreover, a few smaller brains even started growing.

The researchers, however, admitted that at this point in time they don’t know how resistance training seems to assist the brain. They believe it might be increasing the flow of blood to brain or the activity in the brain.

The researchers are all set to conduct a new study to explore this further.




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