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WHO calls for e-cigarette indoor use, advertising regulations

By jeremyc | August 30, 2014

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes has sparked a continuing debate; with some experts arguing for it as a welcome smoking cessation tool and alternative and other experts calling it a regress to reduce smoking.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now given its own recommendations on the controversial e-cigarette, releasing a report on it and similar devices that will be discussed at an October 2014 conference. In this report, WHO has called for regulations to control e-cigarette sales and advertising and a ban on its indoor usage.

The international agency said in its report that e-cigarettes are “an evolving frontier, filled with promise and threat for tobacco control.” Because of this, it said that regulations are required to restrict the advertising of e-cigarettes to nonsmokers and young people. It has also raised concerns over some e-cigarette flavors like candy and fruit, which may make it more appealing to young people and make it a gateway to actual cigarette usage and later nicotine addiction.

In addition, the WHO has recommended a ban on indoor e-cigarette usage in workplaces and public places, since the exhaled ‘vapor’ boosts certain toxicant levels in the surround air, like nicotine. E-cigarette health benefits have still not been confirmed, but the report states that they may not be as toxic as regular cigarettes. However, it did warn that e-cigarettes are potentially dangerous to fetuses and adolescents. It also noted a lack of evidence to support the claim that e-cigarettes are a smoking cessation tool, and so the WHO recommended smokers to instead use approved cessation methods rather than switching to e-cigarettes.

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