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A Vaccine Might Be Able to Treat Peanut Allergies In Near Future

By jeremyc | April 15, 2018

Can a vaccine stop the allergic reaction to peanuts? According to new research, the answer might be yes. Latest research shows that a vaccine was able to stop the allergic reaction to peanuts in mice. Scientists are hopeful that they would be soon able to translate these findings in humans.

Food allergies are pretty common—and at times can be fatal. It is estimated that 4 to 6 percent of American children have food allergies. The most common food allergy is peanut allergy.

However, as of now, we don’t have any cure for food allergies. There’s only one way to keep them at bay—by avoiding the allergen. And once the allergic reaction has began, the current treatment focuses on suppressing it.

However, a new study gives hope to all those who have peanut allergies. The researchers successfully tested a vaccine that stopped peanut allergy in mice. The scientists have been working at this vaccine for last 20 years.

At this point in time, the researchers don’t know how long the protection offered by the vaccine will last. However, they are quite optimistic that these benefits will not fade away quickly.

The immediate next step is to test this vaccine in humans. If the human clinical trials are successful, this will be a huge breakthrough.

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