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Obesity May Reduce Effectiveness of RA Therapies

By jeremyc | January 2, 2018

Being overweight affects health in many ways. This is true for everyone, but more so for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis (or RA for short). An autoimmune condition that occurs when the immune system attacks the body tissues by mistake, RA is marked by chronic inflammation in joints. Other common symptoms are joint pain, limping, fever, stiff joints, tender joints, and fatigue.

Previous research shows that diagnosing RA in obese people is harder than in normal-weight people. Now a new study reveals that obesity also affects the efficacy of treatment of this autoimmune condition.

The aim of this study was to see if being overweight and obesity affects the outcomes of RA treatment in people with early RA. For this study, the researchers focused on early RA patients, because these people usually have best outcomes.

The researchers looked at 982 patients, out of whom 32 were normal weight, 35 percent were overweight, and the remaining 33 percent obese.

During three years of treatment, 36 percent of patients experienced sustained Remission. Most of these were people with a normal BMI.

The researchers noted that the chances of experiencing sustained remission was 25 percent less in case of overweight patients and 47 percent less in case of obese patients.



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