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Women with Lower Vitamin D Levels Might Be Have Increased Breast Cancer Risk

By jeremyc | June 15, 2018

In recent years, Vitamin D has been the subject of many studies, thanks to more research being done to identify factors influencing cancer risk. Now a new study suggests that high vitamin D levels are linked with reduced breast cancer risk.

This is not the first study to link vitamin D with cancer risk. For instance, some time back a study had suggested that individuals with lower vitamin D levels were more likely to develop bladder cancer than those with normal or higher vitamin D levels. Another study, which was published this year, claimed low levels of vitamin D were associated with increased bladder cancer risk.

While it is true that some previous studies have not found any correlation between vitamin D and cancer risk, studies like the two listed before make good case for ensuring we get adequate vitamin D. The latest study further strengthens this claim. Furthermore, previous research had suggested that among breast cancer patients undergoing treatment those with higher blood levels of vitamin D have improved survival rates.

In this study the researchers set out to find how the levels of an important vitamin D biomarker, 25(OH)D, affects breast cancer risk. The researchers checked data of 2 separate clinical trials. In one trial, 3,325 women participated while in the other 1,713. The average age of the group was 63 years.

The researchers noted that the risk of developing breast cancer was 20 percent lower among women with 25(OH)D blood levels of more than 60 ng/ml, compared to women with 25(OH)D blood levels of lower than 20 ng/ml.

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