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Disulfriam Could Be Repositioned For Treating Cancer

By jeremyc | December 5, 2017

Chronic alcohol abuse is often treated using disulfiram. In fact this drug has been used for this purpose for last few decades. Previous research has shown that disulfiram possesses anticancer properties. However, till now, scientists had not identified exactly how disulfiram works against cancer. Latest research throws light on this, making repositioning of this drug a distinct possibility.

Disulfiram is a popular alcohol abuse drug. It doesn’t cure long-term alcoholism, but certainly discourages people with alcohol abuse problem from drinking.

Past studies had shown this drug to have anti-tumor activity. This was proven to be the case in vitro, as well as in vivo. However, scientists haven’t yet repositioned disulfiram for treating cancer. This was because they yet didn’t know the molecular pathways and mechanism through which disulfiram might work against cancer.

The study authors declared that there’s a strong and impending need to focus on drug repositioning as cancer incidence rate across the world is rising and many cancer drugs have failed to break tumor resistance.

As a matter of fact, it is estimated that in next 20 years cancer incidence rate will increase by 70 percent. As of now, cancer is listed at second number in the list of leading cause of death in the world.

That is why drug repositioning is a viable option. Compared to a new drug, drug repositioning is significantly more time-effective. It is also less expensive to reposition an existing drug than to come up with a new drug.

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