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Does Coffee Increase Your Risk of Developing Cancer

By jeremyc | August 3, 2018

While many people can’t imagine going through a day without having a few cups of coffee, especially the first cup immediately after waking up, many people abstain from coffee thinking it might cause cancer. On the other hand, many others believe that coffee is a healthful drink when consumed in moderation and might even offer protection against cancer. Which side does the truth lie? To which direction does evidence point out?

Substances that can lead to cancer are called caricnogens.  One such substance might be present in the roasted coffee beans. Its name is acrylamide, which experts have classified as probable carcinogen.

Probable because in animals it has shown to cause cancer. Does it increase the cancer risk in people as well? Right now we don’t know the answer to this question, hence the label probable carcinogen.

Because of the presence of acrylamide in roasted beans, many people think coffee might increase their cancer risk. However, research done so far doesn’t agree. An international agency reviewed over a thousand studies and found no evidence to support the claim that coffee increases cancer risk.

On the other hand, a study published last year hints that coffee consumption might be linked to lower risk of certain cancers. With that said, the experts agree that more research should be done to investigate how drinking coffee impacts cancer risk.

Some previous studied did suggest that drinking coffee might increase cancer risk, but the results of these studies were likely to be skewed.  The real culprit in these studies might well have been smoking. It’s no secret that smokers are more likely to be coffee drinkers.

Because only coffee derived from roasted beans contain acrylamide—not other types of coffee—it would be better to switch to other types of coffee if you are concerned about cancer risk rather than giving it up completely.


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