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Radiation Treatment For Prostate Cancer Might Increase Risk of Certain Secondary Cancers

By jeremyc | February 28, 2016

Radiation therapy for prostate cancer may increase the risk of other cancers in men, according to a new review.

In this review, researchers studied the data of 21 studies involving patients who had undergone radiation treatment. The researchers found that these men showed an increased risk of rectal, colon, and bladder cancers than men who had not undergone radiation. The difference, however, was slight.

Moreover, in comparison to the incidence rates of some other severe complications linked to prostate cancer, like erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence, the rates of the aforementioned secondary cancers were lower.

Also while the study showed that prostate cancer patients who had received radiation therapy had a slightly greater risk of some secondary cancers, it did not prove these cancers were caused by radiation therapy.

People belonging to the radiation group did not show any increased risk to blood or lung cancer.

Researchers agree that further studies are needed on this subject. However, they believe that even at present the finding could be taken into consideration by the patients while making a decision about treatment, especially if their life expectancy is 20 years or more.

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