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Amphetamine use might cause the heart to age faster

By jeremyc | February 12, 2017

More and more people are abusing amphetamine. The drug produces many common side effects like headache, faster heart rate, mood changes, and stomach pain. While its common side effects are well recorded, much in not known about how amphetamine effects the heart. A latest study, findings of which were published in Heart Asia, states recreational use of amphetamine might speed up ageing of the heart.

A synthetic stimulant, Amphetamine works by speeding up the body’s processes like breathing rate and heart rate. Users experience high levels of energy and alertness. They may also feel happier or more powerful and confident. Common names of recreational amphetamine include, among others, ecstasy, speed, and ice.

Amphetamine increases the heart rate, raises the blood pressure, and tightens the blood pressure. Prolonged abuse of amphetamine is expected to put a lot of pressure on the cardiovascular system. With that said, hardly any study in the past has explored how regular abuse of amphetamine affects the heart health.

Earlier studies have shown that use of stimulant on a regular bases speed up skin aging. Following up on this finding, the researchers set out to find the effect of stimulant on the heart health.

The researchers found that the heart of amphetamine users aged faster compared to individuals who smoked and abused methadone.

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