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Omega-3 Supplements Not Effective In Preventing Heart Disease in Healthy Individuals

By jeremyc | March 19, 2017

Omega-3 supplements are said to be beneficial for people who’ve had a heart attack. A new study backs this claim. However, many people with no diagnose of heart disease also take fish oil supplements or other omega-3 supplements believing omega-3s help in preventing heart disease. The recent study, however, has found no basis for this claim.

A type of polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3s play a key role in many bodily functions. They are involved in the process that produces hormones and are part of cell membranes.

Unlike other fats, our body is unable to produce omega-3s itself. We can only get them from foods, like nuts, fish, oil, flax seeds, and green vegetables.

As omega-3s plays an important role in functioning of the human body, many health benefits have been linked to them. They are thought to be extremely beneficial for heart health. They seem to offer protection against arrhythmias and high blood pressure and improve blood vessel function.

In this study, the researchers set out to investigate if omega-3 supplements can help prevent heart disease.

The researchers analyzed many randomized trials done to assess omega-3s effect on heart health. They also examined randomized trials which assessed the potential of fish oil supplements to manage and prevent heart disease, stroke, and several other conditions.

The researchers found that omega-3 supplements are beneficial for people who’ve had a heart failure or attack. However, they were unable to gather sufficient evidence to say convincingly that omega-3s help in prevention of heart disease in people who don’t have any heart condition.

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