DASH Diet Might Reduce Gout Risk

Monday, May 8th, 2017

According to a new study, the risk of developing gout is less in people who follow the DASH diet, typically recommended to people with a high risk of heart disease, compared to those who adhere to a ‘Western Diet’. A complex type of arthritis, gout affects the joints. Most typically it affects the joint of […]

FDA Gives Approval To Zurampic To Treat Hyperuricemia Linked With Gout

Thursday, December 24th, 2015

The FDA has given approval to Zurampic (lesinurad) to be used along with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor for the treatment of hyperuricemia linked with gout. Hyperuricemia is a condition of high blood uric acid levels and xanthine oxidase inhibitor or XOI for short is a drug that lowers uric acid production. Gout is a complex […]

Low-Dose Colchicine May Be Safe, Effective In Treating Acute Gout.

Friday, April 16th, 2010

MedPage Today (4/5, Walsh) reported that, according to a study published in the April issue of the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism, “low-dose colchicine (Colcrys) was as effective as the commonly prescribed high-dose regimen for pain reduction in acute gout and had a much better side-effect profile.” In a study of “575 patients who had had […]