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Psychedelic Drugs Might Provide Symptomatic Relief to Depression, PTSD, & Anxiety Patients

By jeremyc | August 10, 2018

Psychedelic drugs enjoy a notorious reputation. They can be harmful and cause addiction. In many countries, they are banned or regulated heavily. But can they be useful in managing conditions like anxiety when used with psychotherapy? This is the question that many researchers are looking into.

While no one refutes the harmful effects of psychedelic drugs, in last few months, researchers belonging to several different global institutions have discussed whether there might be some merit in testing psychedelic drugs for management of conditions like depression, symptoms of psychological trauma, and depression.

In one research, scientists investigated if MDMA (popularly known as ecstasy) is useful for treating social anxiety in adult autism patients.

For this study, the researchers enrolled 12 adult autism patients, all of whom had moderate or severe social anxiety. All these patients took MDMA treatment along with psychotherapy.

The patients reported noticeable and long-term symptomatic relief. In most of these 12 patients, the positive effects lasted for months, even years.

In another study, the researchers suggested that psilocybin, LSD, and ayahuasca might help manage depression, certain eating disorders and anxiety. The researchers said that they found that these drugs improved psychological symptoms by improving how a person related to his/her emotions and his/her sense of spirituality.

Another study has noted that psychedelic drugs when used with psychotherapy might help reduce psychological distress and anxiety in cancer patients.

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