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Experts Claim Milk and Cereal Breakfast Is Not Healthy Diabetes Patients

By jeremyc | August 31, 2018

Recently a study touted the health benefits of eating a bowl of cereal with milk for diabetics. However, critics state this finding is not only misleading but also harmful for people living with diabetes. According to them, the powerful diary industry is pushing this research.

A recently-published study suggests people who have type 2 diabetes should eat cereal with cow’s milk for better management of their blood sugar.

Experts, on the other hand, state that such a suggestion is dangerous and perhaps even manipulative. The study touting the benefits of eating cereal and milk in the morning was published in the Journal of Dairy Science which is part of the larger dairy industry.

It is a common knowledge now that people with diabetes should restrict their intake of carbs. A low-carb diet is considered ideal for them. Such a diet allows intake of 20-70 g of carbs each day.

Cereals, even the so-called healthier ones, on the other hand, are rich in carbs and sugar. Eating a bowl of cereals with cow’s milk contains about 60-65 g of carbs. Consuming so many carbs in your first meal of the day could be harmful for diabetes patients.

The problem is not only the high amount of carbs in cereals. They are also digested very rapidly. This in turn leads to a sudden spike in levels of blood sugar, which as you might know is not recommended for someone living with diabetes.


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