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Omega-6 Intake Linked With Lower Diabetes Risk

By jeremyc | October 14, 2017

A new study has linked omega-6 fatty acids with lower risk of diabetes type 2. In this study, the researchers noted that people who followed a diet rich in omega-6 had significantly lower risk of diabetes, compared to those with low omega-6 intake.

The researchers analyzed data of 40,000 adults. They noticed that, compared to people with levels of omega-6, those with higher levels were 35 percent less likely to develop diabetes type 2.

Diabetes type 2 develops when the pancreas produces less insulin than needed or the body cannot properly use the produced insulin, a hormone responsible for regulating blood glucose. In either case, the glucose levels in the blood become too high.

It is estimated that nearly 30 million individuals in the U.S. are diabetic. Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 90-95 percent of all diabetes cases.

Eating healthy is believed to be the most effective way of preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes. Health experts recommend moderate intake of omega-6 and other polyunsaturated fats for good health. The reason why omega-6 is recommended in moderate quantities is because it has been associated with increased inflammation, as well as heart disease.

In this review, however, the researchers didn’t find any evidence to support the aforementioned association. However, this study did find that higher intake of omega-6 reduced heart disease risk by 35 percent.

That’s why the researchers suggest it may be a good thing to increase the omega-6 intake to lower the risk of developing diabetes type 2.


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