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Can Green Tea Aid Weight Loss

By jeremyc | January 13, 2018

Green Tea is linked to many health benefits, like weight loss. This healthy drink contains lots of antioxidants and nutritional value.

In Chinese medicine, green tea is used for treating several health conditions, such as headaches. In past few decades, green tea has also become popular in the Western countries, and many believe that it helps weight loss.

But is it really the case? What does empirical evidence suggests?

Green tea has caffeine and catechin, which is a kind of flavonoid. Both of them can boost metabolism. So green tea might help weight loss by boosting the metabolism.

However, empirical evidence is not very encouraging. While a 2010-review found green tea supplements to have a positive effect on both weigh management and weight loss, the positive effect was only marginal.

Recently, another review checked if green tea can trigger weight loss in obese or overweight individuals. Again the researchers found it has a positive effect, but it was not of any real significance.

Another thing to keep in mind is that doses used in such studies typically contain more amount caffeine or catechin than one finds in a normal cup of regular green tea.

So while green tea might aid loss, its impact, at best, is extremely small. It is not as effective in aiding weight loss as exercise and a healthy diet.

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