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Having Gum Disease and Low Vitamin D Levels Might Mean Increased Diabetes Risk

By jeremyc | September 4, 2018

It seems vitamin D might be effective in keeping gum disease at bay, a condition which in turn can raise the risk of developing diabetes. How these three conditions are connected is something that the researchers aren’t clear, though.

Getting enough exercise, eating healthy, limiting the intake of processed foods and alcohol, not smoking, and keeping your blood pressure under check are all effective ways to lower diabetes risk. However, a couple more might be added to this list pretty soon—increasing the levels of vitamin D and preventing gum disease.

That said, researchers haven’t yet fully understood the connection between these three. At the same time, more than one study has said that there seems to be a link between them.

In a recent study, the researchers unearthed more evidence. When the researchers examined data from people aged over 30, they found that the risk of developing type 2 diabetes was higher among those who had gum disease (periodontitis) and low vitamin D levels.

There are several clinical trials underway in different parts of the world to check if taking more vitamin D can help lower diabetes risk.

At the very least, taking more vitamin D reduces your risk of periodontitis. This much is confirmed. It is very much possible that it might also reduce your diabetes risk. However, this is something that we will know in near future only.


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