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Ketogenic Diet Might Help Develop New Treatments for Brain Inflammation

By jeremyc | October 11, 2017

A biological mechanism of ketogenic diet might help treat stroke and brain trauma, as well as other neurological conditions, according to a new study.

In this study, the researchers zeroed in on the biological mechanism of this diet that lowers inflammation in brain. This finding can pave way for development of new therapies for treating stroke, brain trauma and several other neurological conditions.

Ketogenic diet involves eating fewer carbs and more fat. For several years, this diet has been said to offer many health advantages, including reducing inflammation.

Previous studies have proved it to be effective against epilepsy. Many experts have long believed that it might be helpful in treating Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions.

With that said, until now we didn’t know how ketogenic diet helps. Previous studies didn’t show the biological processes that make it anti-inflammatory.

In this study, the researchers used molecule lipopolysaccharide to induce inflammation in rats. After which, they injected 2-deoxyglucose molecule into them. This molecule inhibits glucose metabolism, which is something that ketogenic diet also does.

This process significantly reduced inflammation levels. As a matter of fact, the inflammation levels of rats in which inflammation was induced fell to almost the level of inflammation in the control group.

By showing the biomechanical mechanism of this diet, this research can help develop pharmological ways that mimics the effects of ketogenic diet, which is extremely difficult to follow for any considerable length of time.


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