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Low Calorie Diet Slows Aging in Mice

By jeremyc | August 12, 2017

New research states that the aging process slows down in mice when they are fed a diet that’s low in calories. The researchers found that biological clock in stem cells of mice doesn’t become less active with age, but rather starts focusing on other cellular processes. It no longer remains as concerned with sustaining tissues and focuses more on handling stress.

The researchers believe these findings might be the reason why mice aged slowly when fed a calorie restricted diet. The circadian functions occurring in cells when they age is delayed when calorie intake is restricted, according to the researchers.

Previous studies had shown that the lifespan of fruit flies increased when their calorie intake was restricted. However, this is the first time a study has shown that calorie restriction delays circadian functions.

When answering to the question whether these effects could be replicated in humans, the chief study author said following such a diet for long term is not practical because it would it entail persistent hunger and having just about enough energy to complete basic functions.

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