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Make Breakfast Your Biggest Meal and Avoid Snacks to Prevent Weight Gain

By jeremyc | July 13, 2017

A healthy breakfast in the morning and avoiding snacks in the day are the secret to avoiding weight gain, according to a recent study.

In the U.S., as in many other countries, unhealthy weight gain is ranked as number one public health concern. The gravity of the situation in the U.S. can be understood when we see two facts together.

One, nearly 36 percent of American adults and 17 percent of American kids are obese. Two, excess body weight increases the risk of several serious health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

In short, a large part of the population in the U.S. has an increased risk of many health conditions because of their excess weight.

A lot of research into healthful eating habits and nutrition has been done in recent years. Almost every day results of some new study are published in leading journals. In this particular study, the researchers checked how meals and the frequency of meals are linked to gain in weight.

The researchers noted that people who consumed only 1-2 meals in a day recorded a reduction in their BMI. On the contrary, people who consumed more than 3 meals in a day recorded an increase in BMI. Moreover, weight gain increased with increase in number of meals, including snacks.

Participants with breakfast as their largest meal recorded greater BMI reduction than participants whose biggest meal was either lunch or dinner.




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