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Marijuana Use Linked to Increased Sex Drive

By jeremyc | October 27, 2017

Recently researchers investigated how marijuana use affects sexual drive in a large study. They found that use of cannabis on a regular basis might increase sexual drive, in both men and women.

The researchers revealed that they conducted this study because even though many people use marijuana, its effect on sexual drive has not been probed in a scientific way before.

With that said, some amount of research has been previously done on this, but the results were mixed. For instance, while one previous study revealed that marijuana caused sexual drive to fluctuate in rats, another study suggested that women who used marijuana experienced heightened sexual arousal.

In this study, the researchers considered data of nearly 23,000 heterosexual men and over 28,000 women. All of them provided information regarding their sex frequency in last 4 weeks and marijuana use in last 12 months.

All the participants belonged to the age group of 25-45 years. The average age of women was 29.9 years and men 29.5 years. The researchers noted that men and women who used marijuana had sex more frequently.

Specifically, men who used marijuana reported having sex on average 6.9 times in last 4 weeks, compared to non-marijuana users’ average sex frequency of 5.6 times. In case of women, marijuana users on average had sex 7.1 times in last 4 weeks. This number for women who didn’t use marijuana was 6.

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