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Progesterone Might Help Reduce Preterm Birth Risk

By jeremyc | November 20, 2017

A recent study provides further support for using vaginal progesterone for lowering the risk of neonatal complications and preterm birth, as well as of infant death in those pregnant women who have a short cervix. According to experts, a short cervix predicts preterm birth more accurately than any other predictor.

These are substantial findings and medical experts are excited about it. This is because preterm birth causes more number of deaths among children who are less than 5 years old than any other condition.

In the U.S., preterm birth rate has increased for two consecutive years, 2015 and 2016. Before that, for several years preterm birth rate had declined.

When a baby is born before 37th week of pregnancy, it is called preterm birth. The cervix becomes thin and shorter during pregnancy. This is a natural phenomenon as a woman’s body prepares itself for birth. However, in case of some women, cervix thins and becomes shorter earlier than usual.

Previous research found that inserting progesterone into vagina as a tablet or gel was linked to a lower preterm birth risk linked to short cervix.

The researchers analyzed data of 974 women to confirm the effectiveness of progesterone. All of these women had a shortened cervix, but only some were given vaginal progesterone. In comparison to women who had received no treatment or a placebo, women who were given vaginal progesterone recorded considerable reduction in preterm birth risk.

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