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Red Wine Is Good For Oral Health, New Study Claims

By jeremyc | March 10, 2018

Previous research has linked polyphenols present in wine to different health benefits. A new study adds one more to the list. According to it, these polyphenols are good for your oral health, too.

In this study, the researchers have found that polyphenols present in red wine might prevent bad bacteria from sticking to teeth. The researchers found that the same might be true for red wine extracts as well as grape seed extracts.

By preventing bad bacteria from sticking to teeth, polyphenols, red wine extracts, and grape seed extracts can help prevent gum disease, plaque, and cavities.

In this study, the researchers wanted to check if other options than antibiotics and antiseptics, both of which can cause side effects, are available which might help us keep gum disease at bay and maintain good oral health.

The researchers considered how two polyphenols present in red wine, p-Coumaric and caffeic, and red wine extracts and grape seed extracts affect oral health. To be specific, the researchers wanted to check how do they impact bad bacteria which attaches to teeth and cause oral ailments.

There’s a protective biofilm in our mouth which keeps bad bacteria at bay. However, some bacteria are able to get through it and infect gums and teeth, leading to oral ailments like cavities.

While the results of this research are encouraging, we need more studies to confirm them. This was an in-vitro study, and it needs to be seen that whether similar results will be replicated in animal and human studies.

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