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Regular Late-Night Snacking Might Increase Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk

By jeremyc | November 6, 2017

Every once in a while, many of us indulge in nigh-time snacking, whether prodded on by insatiable hunger or uncontrollable craving to munch something tasty. And this is fine. But if late-night snacking becomes a habit, that’s not good. New research has linked it many increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

There are several divergent theories why we tend to reach out toward the fridge late in night. One theory is that early humans might have indulged in binged eating late in night whenever possible because they often weren’t sure when they would be able to enjoy the next meal.

However, now often the driving factor for late-night snacking is pleasure than necessity, so the effect of eating late in night is less healthy. Health experts believe late-night snacking can have adverse effect on health, like an increased risk to obesity.

What’s more, even healthy snacks might increase this risk. This is because eating late in night goes against the functioning of our internal (circadian) clock. Health can get impacted when the internal clock is ignored. This is exactly what an earlier research hinted at. In that research, eating at hours beyond normal waking hours was linked to weight gain.

Now the latest study states that late-night snackers might have a greater risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.


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