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Risk of Developing Heart Problems Increase with Low Levels of Air Pollution

By jeremyc | August 8, 2018

Air pollution is a serious health hazard. Many studies have shown that high levels of air pollution increase the risk of several health diseases. Now a new study suggests that even low levels of air pollution can cause severe heart problems.

A previous study, published a couple of years ago, had claimed that air pollution is a big risk factor for stroke across the world.

While many believe that only high levels of air pollution increases the risk of developing stroke, heart disease, and other conditions, this is not so. Recently another study has suggested that air pollution levels which are adjudged “safe” increases the risk of developing diabetes.

In this study the researchers studied data of more than 39,000 individuals. All of the participants were healthy and voluntarily gave information regarding their health, lifestyle and residential area. All of them let researchers measure their heart’s size, function and weight through MRI.

The researchers found a strong association between living close to busy roads and having enlarged heart ventricles. People who live close to busy roads are exposed more to NO2.

The enlargement of ventricles which the researchers noted in these people is typically seen when heart failure is in its early stages.

The researchers also noted that for every 1 mg increment in PM2.5/m3, heart ventricles became bigger by 1%. The same was found to be true for every 10 mg/ m3 increment of NO2.

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