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Social Smokers Carry Similar Heart Risks as Regular Smokers

By jeremyc | May 16, 2017

Do you think smoking occasionally is not harmful? Well, you might be completely wrong. According to a new research, smoking occasionally is also bad for health. The latest study suggests that the social smokers have similar heart risks as those who smoke every day.

Many think having a cigarette here and there is no big deal. That might not be true. Social smoking is not something that should be taken lightly. It is indeed a big deal. If you only smoke socially and your friend habitually, then both of you have similar heart risk. That’s some serious food for thought.

In this study, the researchers screened over 39,000 individuals for heart disease risk factors like smoking, BMI, cholesterol level, and blood pressure.

Individuals who participated in the study were identified as a current smoker, non-smoker, and social smoker. Someone who didn’t smoke every day but only in only social situations was termed a social smoker.

The researchers noted that the incidence rate of increased cholesterol and hypertension were greater in social smokers compared to non-smokers. Moreover, social smokers were just as likely to have hypertension and high cholesterol as regular smokers.


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