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Synthetic Form of Vanilla Might Help Prevent & Treat Psoriasis

By jeremyc | December 4, 2017

In a new study, the researchers have found a new compound which can help prevent and treat psoriasis. The compound in question is called vanillin, an artificial form of vanilla.

The present research was done on mice in which psoriasis was induced. Some mice were administered vanillin in high dosage, some in low dosage, and some others weren’t treated with vanillin. In comparison to mice that weren’t given vanillin or were given vanillin in low dosage, mice that received vanillin in high dosage recorded considerable relief from skin inflammation.

A chronic condition, psoriasis occurs when the immune system becomes overactive. As a result of which, new skin cells are generated at a greater speed and inflammation occurs. This in turn causes itchy, flaky, and reddish skin, especially on the knees, elbows, feet, hands, and scalp.

Psoriasis is a common health condition. It is estimated that nearly 7.5 million Americans have it. Psoriasis can be mild, moderate or severe. In about 20 percent of Psoriasis patients in the U.S., the condition is moderate to severe—that is, it affects 5 percent of the body or more.

When the psoriasis is mild or moderate, topical treatments are usually recommended for reducing inflammation. When it is severe, oral treatment might be prescribed along with topical treatment. In some cases, light therapy is also recommended.



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