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Taking ibuprofen for UTI Is Not a Great Idea

By jeremyc | May 19, 2018

Urinary tract infection (UTI) affects many women. Research shows that 20 percent of women will have it at least once in their life. UTIs are treated with antibiotics.

However, growing use of antibiotics has resulted in the genuine fear of collective antibiotics resistance among doctors and healthcare providers. Precisely for this reason, scientists and researchers are making consistent effort to find non-antibiotic treatments for UTI.

In 2010, a small study suggested that ibuprofen might be a good non-antibiotic choice for treating simple UTIs.

However, latest research states that is not so. In this study, the researchers found that taking ibuprofen for uncomplicated UTIs can lead to prolonged infections and even serious complications.

In this study, the researchers enrolled 383 women with uncomplicated UTI. These women were divided into two groups. One group was treated symptomatically with ibuprofen for 3 days while the other was put on the standard treatment compromising of 3-day antibiotic course

The researchers tracked the participants for bacterial growth and adverse events. The symptoms of these women were also recorded.

Women who were asked to take ibuprofen took 3 days more on average to recover. By the fourth day, 39 percent of participants in the ibuprofen group had recovered while among the antibiotic group this number was 74 percent.

The infection worsened in case of 12 women who were given ibuprofen. Moreover, 3.9 percent of women in this group went on to develop a severe kidney infection. Neither of these two complications was recorded among women taking antibiotics for their UTI.

The researchers also found that over 50 percent of the patients in the ibuprofen group became well without using antibiotics. So it is possible to treat uncomplicated UTI with ibuprofen. However, because ibuprofen can worsen the UTI or prolong the infection, taking it for UTI might not be a great idea.


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