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Taking Supplements Before or During Pregnancy Might Lower Autism Risk in Offspring

By jeremyc | January 5, 2018

Can autism risk be reduced by taking certain supplements before becoming pregnant or during pregnancy? Well, results of the studies that have looked into this have been mixed. A latest study investigates this matter afresh.

It is estimated that 1 in every 68 American children has autistic spectrum disorder (or ASD for short), and many believe that autistic spectrum disorders are on the rise.

Much is not known about ASDs. For instance, we still don’t know why do they occur or what we can do to prevent them.

Many past studies have investigated the connection between nutritional status of the mother and her offspring’s cognitive abilities. However, the results have been ambiguous. With that said, experts believe that the ASD mystery can be solved by this approach.

For example, earlier research had hinted at a connection between low levels of Vitamin D in the mother and ASD. Likewise, spinal or cerebral birth defects occurring during the most initial period of pregnancy can be forestalled by increasing the intake of folic acid.

This is one of the reasons why doctors recommend expectant mothers to take certain supplements, like folic acid and multivitamins. A new study re-examines the link between taking folic acid and multivitamins supplements and ASD afresh.

For this study, the researchers checked data of 45,300 children. The researchers noted the offspring’s risk of developing ASD is reduced if the mother used folic acid supplement or multivitamins or both before becoming pregnant or during her pregnancy.

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