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Tea Intake Affects Gene Expression Among Women

By jeremyc | May 30, 2017

Tea is a common household drink. Data suggests that it is drunk in nearly 80 percent American households. However, you’ll be surprised to know how tea affects us. Latest research shows in what way this homely drink affects gene expression.

According to the researchers, tea seems to set off epigenetic changes in females. These epigenetic changes are linked to cancer, as well as to estrogen metabolism. What we don’t know at this point in time is whether the triggered epigenetic changes cause the disease or protect us from it. Alterations in gene expression which are passed to siblings are referred as epigenetic changes.

Some previous studies have demonstrated that gene expression gets affected by what we drink and eat. In this research, the study authors investigated if gene expression is affected by drinking coffee and tea, two most popular drinks in the U.S. households.

For this study, the researchers looked at data for over 3,000 adults. The researchers noted that drinking tea was linked with changes in DNA methylation in women. In particular, drinking tea lead to changes in expression of two genes, TTC17 and DNAJ16, both linked to cancer and estrogen metabolism.

However, researchers noted that tea intake didn’t cause alterations in the listed DNA in men.

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