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Erectile Dysfunction Might Double the Risk of Heart Disease

By jeremyc | June 11, 2018

Men with erectile dysfunction would do well to get their heart checked. A new study has come up with this suggestion after it found that erectile dysfunction may be an early indicator of heart disease.

No other disease causes more deaths in both the sexes than heart disease. However, the risk factors for heart disease and its symptoms among men are different than women.

For example, hormonal changes, depression, emotional stress, and contraceptive pills affect women more compared to men. On the other hand, the common risk factors for heart disease among men are obesity, hypertension, smoking, and metabolic syndrome. Incidentally, all these risk factors are also linked to erectile dysfunction.

Even though many risk factors are common for both heart disease and erectile dysfunction, no previous study has analyzed the linked between the two.

For this study, the researchers checked the data of over 1,900 men. The researchers noted that the risk of heart problems, like stroke, cardiac arrest and others, are two times greater among men with erectile dysfunction, compared to those without.

This increased risk was found to be independent of hypertension, smoking, hypertension, and other heart disease risk factors.

This evidence is the most conclusive so far regarding erectile dysfunction being an independent heart disease risk factor.

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