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New Study Shows How Exercise Improve Heart Health

By jeremyc | May 11, 2018

Can exercise help regenerate new heart muscle cells? This is the question that a new study probed. According to it, the answer is yes.

In this mice study, the researchers noted that exercise enhanced the ability of the heart to produce new heart muscle cells in normal conditions, as well as following a heart attack. These are significant findings and might help patients recover faster they have had a heart attack.

Previous research shows that heart’s ability to produce new cells on its own is rather poor. In young adults, the heart regenerates muscle cells at a rate of 1 percent a year—and this rate declines with age.

Because of these well-recorded facts, the researchers wanted to explore the possibility of improving the regenerative ability of our heart. They decided to test something that’s already been proven safe and cheap—exercise.

In this study, the researchers divided healthy mice into 2 groups.  One group was made to run for 5 km on a treadmill while the other remained sedentary.

The researchers noted that mice that ran everyday on the treadmill recorded 4 ½ times more new muscle cells in the heart, compared to those who didn’t.

Encouraged by this finding, the researchers decided to test the ability of exercise to help regeneration of new heart muscle cells after a heart attack. This time, too, exercise was seen to improve the speed at which heart muscle cells regenerate.


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