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Protein-Rich Diets Might Not Be Good For Heart Health

By jeremyc | June 14, 2018

Diets that are high in protein, like keto and Atkins diet, are more popular today than ever before. One reason behind this is that they are often said to aid weight loss. However, a new study suggests there might a high cost attached to losing weight by following a high-protein diet.

In this new study, the researchers found that men who adhere to high-protein diets are 33 percent more likely to develop heart failure.

The researchers collected data on approximately 2,500 men. The participants were in the age group of 42-60 years and the follow-up period was 22 years. The number of people who experienced heart failure during this period was 334.

The researchers noted that eating high amounts of protein was linked to increased heart failure risk. The correlation varied from one source of protein intake to another.

Men with highest protein intake from animal sources were found to have a 43 percent increased risk of experiencing heart failure. On the other hand, the risk of heart failure was 49 percent greater among men with high intake of protein from diary sources and 17 percent among men with high intake of protein from plant sources.

In spite of overall high protein consumption being linked to greater heart failure risk, protein from fish and eggs wasn’t found to increase the risk.

Different experts have posited different theories regarding why high protein intake might be linked with greater heart failure risk. One explanation is that a high-protein diet means a diet that is not well balanced, and as we know, a balanced diet is best for overall good health. Another explanation is that high protein-sources have higher amounts of trans fats and saturated fats, both of which are known to increase heart disease risk. According to one cardiologist, intake of dietary protein in high amounts will lead to spike in blood sugar, which in turn will increase risk of heart-related conditions.

With all said and done, sticking to a well-balanced diet is the best—and perhaps the healthiest—option, even when you are desperate to lose those extra pounds.

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