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Varicoceles Might Increase Risk of Heart Disease

By jeremyc | December 4, 2017

Varicoceles is a male condition, marked by dilated veins in scrotum. In a new study, the researchers have declared that the risk of developing metabolic disease is greater among men with this condition.

For this study, the researchers checked data of several hundreds of insurance records. The researchers noted that the incidence rate of heart disease was significantly higher among men with varicoceles, compared to those without.

Previously varicoceles has been associated with infertility. It is estimated that no fewer than 15 percent of men in the U.S. have this condition. It is believed that more blood flows through scrotum because of dilated veins, which in turn, raises the temperature in testes more than normal.

Higher-than-normal temperature can negatively affect testicular function, causing lower production of testosterone and sperm. Varicoceles can cause testicles to shrink. It can also lead to pain in testicles. With that said, often varicoceles patients don’t experience any of the aforementioned symptoms and no treatment is prescribed to them for varicoceles.

Usually when varicoceles is treated, it is treated for either infertility or pain or both. However, other risks associated with it might be ignored. Even though varicoceles is linked to low testosterone and the latter with heart disease, not a single study prior to this had been done to probe the link between varicoceles and heart disease.

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