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Lescol has little to Offer for Kidney Disease

By jeremyc | September 28, 2013

A recent study indicates that fluvastatin (lescol) and other statins offer little benefit for patients diagnosed with chronic kidney disease patients. They do reduce cholesterol levels, but they do not significantly reduce the frequency of cardiovascular events. These drugs may also trigger severe reactions if they interact with certain other drugs taken by CKD patients.

Chronic kidney disease or CKD is more than 20 times more likely to trigger cardiovascular disease, and one of the leading causes of death among CKD patients is cardiovascular events. As a result, statins like fluvastatin are often prescribed to these patients in order to lower their cholesterol level. The ultimate goal of such medications, however, is to lower the risk of cardiovascular events and disease.

The new study, done by Ali Olyaei, MD, and colleagues from the College of Pharmacy, Oregon State University, involved the analysis of recent trials related to the efficacy of statin use in CKD patients. During the analysis, a few studies were found that suggested statin usage was linked to decrease in cardiovascular risk in patients diagnosed with stage 2 to 4 CKD. In advanced stages, however, the medication did not decrease this risk. One observational study and three major clinical studies showed that statins were ineffective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular events in patients undergoing dialysis.

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