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Lisinopril-based Treatment as Effective as Diuretic Therapy

By jeremyc | June 22, 2013

A recent study conducted by the University of Alabama, Birmingham, suggests that hypertension and cardiovascular patients react to non-diuretic therapy as diuretic therapy. Non-diuretic therapy involves the use of an ACE inhibitor like lisinopril with a calcium channel blocker like amlodipine.

The study aimed at determining what type of drug treatment is better for treating and preventing hypertension or cardiovascular disease, and their complications in female patients. The researchers saw that initial treatment was more effective with diuretics. The study was led by Suzanne Oparil, MD, Professor of Medicine, UAB Division of Cardiovascular Disease. In the published report, she said, “These findings are significant because hypertension is highly prevalent, difficult to control and associated with a high incidence of cardiovascular disease complications in older women, and cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of sickness and death among women in developed countries.”

The study involved data collected from the Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering to Prevent Heart Attack Trial, or ALLHAT. This was the largest trial related to hypertension and the second largest for lipid-lowering. Dr. Oparil said, “We know that lowering elevated blood pressure reduces cardiovascular disease complications and death in the overall population but, until now, have not had data documenting the specific benefits of antihypertensive treatment on reducing the cardiovascular complications of hypertension in women.” She added, “In addition, we have not had outcome data comparing the effects of common non-diuretic-based therapies to diuretic therapy in women. This study fills those gaps of information.”

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