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Mango Health Releases Data on Lisinopril Adherence

By jeremyc | July 29, 2013

Mango Health is a Rock Health startup that introduced a game-like medication adherence app in April after four months of beta testing. It recently released data on user adherence habits. The CEO of the company, Jason Oberfest, said, “Our belief is that understanding how consumers interact with medications and supplements each day is an important part of the quantified self movement that is often overlooked, and an important first step in solving the huge problem of medication non-adherence in the US.”

The data reveals that 64 percent of medications added to the app are prescription drugs, and lisinopril was the most common prescription drug in the lists. Around 36 percent of the medications added are over-the-counter medicines and supplements. The number one OTC medicine or supplement added was fish oil.

Lisinopril is prescribed for congestive heart failure and hyper tension. Although it is the most common prescription drug in the app, the most common prescription drug class was statins, which is generally prescribed to lower cholesterol levels in the body. The data in the report also shows that the user base adherence peaks on Wednesdays and is lowest on Saturdays. Weekends, including Friday, has a lower average adherence than weekends.

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