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New Lisinopril-inspired Migraine Medicine on the Horizon

By jeremyc | July 12, 2013

Candesartan, a new angiotensin II receptor or ARB blocker, is a new type of blood pressure medication soon to be introduced. Several medications are used to prevent migraines, like calcium channel blockers, beta blockers, and ACE inhibitors. Lisinopril in particular has been very effective in the prevention of migraine attacks.

The new ARB blocker has been designed to be closely related to lisinopril, an ACE inhibitor, to deliver the same positive effect. The study to find this medication was done in Norway, and included patients who had 2-6 migraine attacks every month for a minimum period of one yea.

All the participants in the study were given a placebo for four weeks and were then given either candesartan or a matching placebo for 12 weeks. After this, they were taken off all medication for four weeks, following which they switched medications for another 12 weeks. The participants were asked to keep diaries detailing the severity and duration of headaches, describing how disabling they were and whether they were accompanied by other side effects like vomiting or nausea. A total of 60 patients began treatment and 57 switched after the first 12 weeks. In the final analysis, 45 women and 12 men took part in the complete study.

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