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Mediterranean Diet Might Reduce Bone Loss Rate In Osteoporosis Patients

By jeremyc | July 10, 2018

Millions of seniors across the world live with osteoporosis, a condition marked by gradual weakening of the bones and the loss of bone tissue. Now a new study suggests that making a small change—like dietary habits—can help these people. This research, involving about 1,150 people, suggests adopting the healthful Mediterranean diet can do a world of good to your bone health.

In this research, the study authors enrolled about 1,150 people in the age group of 65-79. The duration of this study was one year. The researchers noted that the rate at which hip bone loss occurred was much slower in people who’d osteoporosis and who adopted a diet similar to the Mediterranean diet, compared to those who didn’t follow a Mediterranean-like diet.

While a diet similar to Mediterranean diet was not found to improve bone health in people with normal bone density, such a diet was helpful to seniors with osteoporosis.

Loss of bone mass in osteoporosis increases the risk of fractures, which in turn can affect the mortality risk among elderly. The most common bone fracture among elderly with osteoporosis is hip fracture. Osteoporosis also increases the risk of other bone fractures, like wrist fracture and spine fracture.

Mediterranean diet has been linked with many positive health outcomes in the past few years. It is regarded as extremely good for heart health. This new study links another new benefit to this healthful diet, which includes vegetables, nuts, fruits, wholegrains, olive oil, and fish in high amounts.

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