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Smoking increases risk of prostate cancer recurrence

By jeremyc | January 27, 2015

According to a new study, prostate cancer patients who had a smoking habit also had an increased risk of cancer recurrence and spreading. Also, past and current smokers had more radiotherapy side effects.

The study was led by Michael J. Zelefsky, MD, of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, who said, “Upwards of 50 percent of smokers with cancer continue to smoke after their diagnosis.” He added, “Given the increased risk of prostate cancer progression and radiation toxicity among smokers, a stronger emphasis on smoking cessation is clearly appropriate.”

The researchers suggested several reasons for the tie between smoking and increased risk. Fox Chase Cancer Center’s surgical oncologist Alexander Kutikov, MD, said, “We must be cautious not to over-interpret the data. Correlation does not always mean causality.”

For this study, the researchers looked at data on over 2,300 patients with prostate cancer, all of whom underwent radiotherapy for their condition. The patients were categories as non-smokers, current smokers, former smokers and unknown current smokers.

On analysis over an eight-year period, the researchers found that the chances of cancer non-recurrence over 10 years was 66 percent among non-smokers, 63 percent among past smokers and 52 percent among current smokers. Also, those who smoked had an over twofold increase in the risk of cancer spreading or of dying of cancer, as compared to non-smokers and past smokers. Moreover, past and current smokers reported more side effects from radiotherapy than non-smokers, with most side effects in their urinary tract.

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