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Your Body Shape Affects Your Heart Health

By jeremyc | December 13, 2017

It is not only the amount of extra fat that you carry but also where you have it that affects your heart health, according to a recent study. The researchers have found that extra fat around the abdominal area increases the risk of heart attack most. People with superficial fat on their thighs are also at increased risk of poor cardiac health.

In this study, the researchers studied the fat composition and distribution among obese people, as well as how that was linked to cardiometabolic risk factors. In total, 200 women and men were studied. Ninety-one were men and the rest women. All the participants were obese or overweight.

The team ran some scans to find body composition and fat distribution in each participant. They also analyzed the participants for early heart attack risk factors such as insulin resistance and triglycerides level.

The researchers noted men had more amount of visceral fat and so had an apple-shaped body. On the other hand, women generally carried superficial fat around the hips and thighs and so were pear shaped.

They noticed that among men and women of the same BMI, men reported greater risk factors than women.

Surprisingly, the research showed that women with more fat around the abdomen—that is apple-shaped women—had a greater risk of early cardiac compared to men with identical fat distribution. In other words, each increase of belly fat is more dangerous for women than men.

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