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Dietary Soy Good for Bone Health in Women

By jeremyc | August 11, 2018

In a new study the researchers investigated how adding dietary soya to diet affected bone strength in those women who’re of postmenopausal age. The researchers found soy might be beneficial for bone health for all women, irrespective of their age.

Bone strength and bone density both reduces in postmenopausal women. Contributing factors to this are age, lower activity levels, and osteoporosis.

Bone weakness and osteoporosis, in turn, can noticeably increase the risk of developing fractures, which further promotes weight gain and physical inactivity.

In this research, the scientists wanted to investigate if soy-based proteins can improve bone health in postmenopausal women.

The researchers conducted their study on rats. Ovaries were surgically removed in 50 percent of these rats. One half of the rats were fed a soy diet while the others were given corn. The total daily caloric count of both the diets was the same.

The researchers noted that rats that ate soy recorded improvements in their bone strength. This was true in case of both types of rats—those that had their ovaries removed as well as those with ovaries.

Based on these findings, the researchers believe that eating soy products might be beneficial to bone health of women of all ages. Interestingly, the researchers found that women don’t have to eat a lot of soy to get the benefits. They noted that women will get the benefits even when they eat less soy than found in an average Asian diet.

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