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Late Menopause Might Augur Well for Cognitive Performance

By jeremyc | April 13, 2018

Late menopause might have a protective effect on memory, according to a new study. The researchers noted that women who experience menopause late show better cognitive performance in their older years.

This study was done by researchers from the UK. They became interested between the possible correlation between late menopause and better memory performance in later years after they learnt about existing studies which suggest that late menopause might influence memory performance in women.

With that said, there are some limitations with the current study, the most notable being its sample size. This was on a large-scale study, as the researchers only looked at data of about 1,300 women. Nevertheless, this is a start and the findings of this study warrant further research.

All the women in this study were asked to take verbal memory tests at different ages. The participants were given a list of 15 items and were asked recall them. The test was repeated 3 times at one time. For each word that was correctly recalled, the participants got one point. So the maximum points that could be scored were 45.

The researchers noted that women who experienced menopause late naturally were able to remember, on average, an extra 0.09 word a year. Hormonal therapy, didn’t affect this correlation.

While the benefit is not astounding, the researchers believe it could mean a lower risk of developing dementia later in life.


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