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Vitamin D Levels Might Affect Success Rate of Fertility Treatment

By jeremyc | November 18, 2017

According to a recent meta-analysis, women with adequate vitamin D levels have a better success rate with their fertility treatment.

A distressing issue, infertility is now quite common and is estimated to affect no fewer than 6.1 American couples. More and more couples are now seeking fertility treatment, including fertility medication and IVF. The success rates of fertility treatment now are better than before.

IVF success rates in America are between 13 to 43 percent. Initially the success rates of fertility treatment improved because of better methods of selecting out those embryos which had the maximum chances of survival. However, recently, the success rates of fertility treatment have become more or less stagnant.

That’s why researchers are focusing on potential factors that can help improve this. One potential factor that’s come under focus is vitamin D.

In a few animal studies, the researchers noted that deficiency of vitamin D was linked to poorer fertility. In humans, deficiency of vitamin D has been linked to increased risk preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, low birthweight, and gestational hypertension.

Spurred on by these observations, the researchers decided to perform a meta-analysis of 11 studies. These studies were done on women undergoing fertility treatment.

The researchers noted the chance of giving a live birth was 33 percent greater in women who had adequate levels of vitamin D, compared to women with vitamin D deficiency.


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