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Women at Increased Risk of UTI Might Lower Their Risk By Increasing Water Intake

By jeremyc | October 9, 2017

Increasing the daily intake of water by 3 extra pints might help lower the risk of urinary tract infection, particularly in women who are more likely to contact it, according to new study.

The researchers noted that when women at greater risk of urinary tract infection (or UTI for short) increased their daily intake of water by the aforementioned quantity, their risk of UTI became 50 percent lower than women who didn’t increased their water consumption.

Doctors have long suspected increased water consumption can help lower UTI risk and they frequently recommend the same to women who are at risk. However, this matter has never been thoroughly investigated before.

The risk of UTI is greater for women than men, partly because entering the bladder is easier for bacteria in case of women on count of shorter urethra. When fluid intake is increased, bacteria are flushed out from bladder at an increased rate and the amount of bacteria entering bladder from vagina is likely to be reduced.

As a result, bacteria will not get attached to cells lining the urinary tract so much, reducing the risk of infection in process because for infection to occur bacteria must attach to these cells.


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